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By 2043 southern Ontario will be home to 15.5 million people. Demand for air travel is expected to reach 110 million trips annually. M
odest estimates put Toronto Pearson Airport alone at 70 million passengers a year by mid-2030.

To address this growth, the Southern Ontario Airport Network (SOAN) was launched in May 2017. The Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF) is one of eleven airports working together to support the growing demand. SOAN provides a setting to share information, address issues and understand opportunities.

"Growth is coming.
The time to plan for it is now."
Howard Eng, President & Chief Executive Officer - Greater Toronto Airports Authority
YKF is in great position to play a larger role in SOAN. As the tenth largest urban area in Canada our population is expected to reach 835,000 by 2041. Today, the airport captures only five per cent of the 2.5 million trips made by people living in Waterloo Region each year. More flights would allow guests using Toronto to fly from home.