Need to access restricted areas of the airport for your job?
You need an Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC)

The Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC) , is a security clearance system created by:
  • Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)
  • Transport Canada
  • and, airport authorities.
Iris and fingerprint bio-metric identifiers allow non-passenger access to the restricted areas of airports. This improves control over airport personnel accessing restricted areas.
If your job requires you to access restricted areas of the Region of Waterloo International Airport, you must get a RAIC

How to obtain a RAIC:

1. Obtain Transportation Security Clearance (TSC)

You must have valid Transport Security Clearance (TSC) to apply for a RAIC. A TSC is valid for a maximum of five (5) years and is subject to revocation at any time by Transport Canada.

Remember to:
  • Print your completed TSC application
  • Have your completed TSC application signed by a person with signing authority for your company
  • Book an appointment with Airport Security for submission of your TSC application
    (48 hours advance notice required)

Additional documents required:

Applicants born in Canada
Applicants born outside of Canada
Completed TSC application
Completed TSC application
Original Canadian Birth Certificate
Original valid Passport
Original valid Passport

(If you do not hold a passport, a photo ID issued
by the provincial or federal government is required)
Canadian Citizenship Card
OR Valid Permanent Residence Card
OR Landed Immigration document (IMM1000)


 2. Complete the online YKF Security Awareness Program
This is mandatory for new and expired RIAC applicants. The program can be completed online through the Region of Waterloo training website. Please contact Airport Security to have a training account set-up.  You will need to provide your name and an email address.
Airport Security will:
  • Enrol you in the online training program
  • Provide you with a user name and password
 3. Restricted Area Identification Card (RAIC) Application
Airport Security will issue a RAIC to an applicant only when a TSC number is received from Transport Canada. 
Airport Security will contact you when Transport Canada provides your TSC number. They will schedule an appointment for you to complete the submission of your YKF RAIC Application Form.
  • Print clearly when completing your RAIC application
  • Have your completed RAIC application signed by a person with signing authority for your company
  • Book an appointment with Airport Security for submission of your RAIC application 
    (48 hours advance notice required)
  • Airport Security will collect your fingerprints, iris scan and photograph
    (Allow 30 minutes, plus wait time for processing)
Note: Airport Security will contact you in the event of denial of clearance or return of application due to lack of information.
Non-refundable fee for issuing a new, replacement or renewed RAIC is $75.

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