Unique locations

Looking for a great location for your next special event or film shoot? The Region of Waterloo International Airport offers many unique options. Non-operational activities including commercial filming, photography and special events need a permit. This process allows the airport to maintain a safe, secure and efficient operation.

How to obtain an event or film permit

1. Contact Airport Administration
Contact the airport marketing and communications supervisor at least 15 business days before your event. Explain what you would like to do and provide as many details as possible - location, number of people, etc. You will be sent the correct form to complete.
2. Fill out form
Complete the form. You will need to include the legal name of your organization and have your application signed by someone who can bind the company.
3. Include proof of insurance
All film and special events applications require proof of insurance - $2 million commercial general liability. Please name the Regional Municipality of Waterloo as other insured.
4. Submit for processing

Submit your complete application to the airport marketing and communications supervisor for processing. Your completed form is then reviewed with operations and the general manager to determine next steps. Processing can take up to two weeks or 10 business days based on the complexity of the event. 
Fees and charges may apply.