Plan on building or renovating?
You need a Facility Alteration Permit (FAP)

You must have an approved Facility Alteration Permit (FAP) for work on airport leased land. This process allows the airport to review, comment and approve projects that may impact operations. The FAP process ensures that changes are added into the technical drawing database. 

 Lease holders require a FAP for: 

  • Any civil modifications including the installation and alteration of underground services

  • New buildings on existing leased lot

  • Change to an existing building (exterior)

  • Renovation of an existing facility (interior)

  • Modification to the primary  security line inside or outside (i.e. change locked doors to unlocked, alter fencing, etc.)

  • External lighting upgrades/reconfigurations 

Approval Process 

An approved FAP is needed before the work begins. Submit FAP applications to the Airport Construction & Development Project Manager. Please include drawings and construction schedules. This process normally takes 15 working days. Extra time may be needed for based on the complexity of a project.

Codes and Guidelines  

Development on the airport may need any of the following documents:

  • The Region of Waterloo Construction Safety/Operations Plan (available from Airport Operations)

  • Transport Canada/NAV Canada Guidelines (where applicable)

  • Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act/Canada Labour Code Part II

  • Ontario Building Code or National Building Code

  • Ontario Fire Code or National Fire Code

  • Environmental Codes and Practices (where applicable)

  • Region of Waterloo Design Guidelines for Municipal Services

  • Ontario Electrical Safety Authority Standards

Please note: Extra codes and guidelines may apply.