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The Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF) is located in Waterloo Region, in southwestern Ontario, Canada - just 45 minutes west of the Greater Toronto Area. Known as “Canada’s Silicon Valley”, the Region boasts the second largest number of start-ups in North America. Poised for continued growth, the Region's young, affluent population is expected to reach 742,000 by 2031.

Increasing demand for air travel

From 2011 to 2016, the Region’s population grew 5.5 per cent to 583,500 residents. This exceeds both the national and provincial growth rates. Despite this, Waterloo Region remains one of the most under-served markets of its size in Canada.

Conservative forecasts show that, by the mid-2030's, demand for air travel in southern Ontario will exceed airports’ capacity of 70 million passengers per year. Estimates put demand for Toronto Pearson alone at 65 million passengers, despite its optimum capacity of approximately 50 million passengers. The Southern Ontario Airport Network was created to address these capacity issues, and YKF is one of eleven commercially significant airports working together to support the growing demand for air travel.

Planning for the future 

To meet growing demand YKF is implementing a $375 million, 20 Year Airport Master Plan. Staggered over five phases, the expansion plan will allow YKF to proactively respond to regional demand and capacity challenges.  Visit our Airport Master Plan page for full details. 

Why fly to Waterloo Region? 

A strategic location with the right demographics

The Region of Waterloo International Airport is 45 minutes west of the Greater Toronto Area, located alongside Canada's Highway 401. Three million people - 10 per cent of Canada’s population - live within a one-hour drive of YKF.  Waterloo Region is part of a broader economic region in southern Ontario call the “Golden Horseshoe” which is home to 9 million people.

With its young, fast-growing, affluent population, the Region is an ideal candidate for air service:

 Demographic  Waterloo Region  Canada
Population  583,500 (+5.5% v 2011)  35.2M (+5% v 2011)
Median Age  38.5  41.2
Average Household Income  $86,930  $80,940

*Data from 2016 national census

Exceptionally competitive airport rates 

In Waterloo Region, you get excellent value for your money, as YKF has the fifth-lowest aeronautical fees in Canada for a commercial airport. Also, YKF is one of the only airports in the country without terminal fees. 
For 2018, charges and fees at YKF are:

  • Up to 61 per cent lower than nearby Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)

  • Up to 48 per cent lower than nearby John C. Munroe Hamilton International Airport (YHM)

Major fee comparison by aircraft type:

Boeing 737-800   
Fees per flight          
Landing  $553  $1,318  $1,011
Apron Parking  $0  $193  $0
AIF/PFF  $2,126  $3,544  $3,544
Terminal  $0  $1,334  $618
Total  $2,679  $6,429  $5,173
Airbus A319
Fees per flight          
Landing  $448  $1,100  $819
Apron Parking  $0  $146  $0
AIF/PFF $1,530   $2,550  $2,550
Terminal  $0  $960  $445
Total  $1,978  $4,756  $3,814


Bombardier DH1     
Fees per flight
Landing  $112  $275  $205
Apron Parking  $0  $85  $0
AIF/PFF  $416   $694  $694
Terminal  $0  $261  $121
Total  $528  $1,315  $1,020


Beechcraft 1900
Fees per PAX
Landing $54 $133 $99
Apron Park  $0  $69 $0 
AIF/PFF  $214  $356  $356
Terminal  $0  $134  $62
Total  $268  $693  $518

Major Assumptions: 75% load factor, 738: maximum takeoff weight [MTOW] 79,000 kg with 189 seats, A319: MTOW 64,000 kg with 136 seats, DH1: MTOW 16,000 kg with 37 seats, BEH: MTOW 7,766 kg with 19 seats, no connections through above airports, domestic flight, block time 1.5 hours

A forward-looking, diversified economy

Real Gross Domestic Product in Waterloo Region climbed from $25.39 billion in 2014 to $26.51 billion in 2016, exceeding Canada’s national growth rate.  

From Google to Toyota, COM DEV to OpenText, the Region was built on innovation. It has strong technology and manufacturing bases, and is a global leader in many sectors, including:

  • Advanced Manufacturing 
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automotive, Connected and Autonomous
  • Business and Financial Services
  • Food Processing
  • Industry 4.0
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Quantum and Nanotechnology
  • Security 

For more information about Waterloo Region's economy please visit Waterloo EDC.


Logos of Waterloo Region Businesses


There are over 150 globally renowned research centres located in Waterloo Region, including:

Waterloo Region is the second largest innovation super cluster in North America. We have an established community support system that helps new technology companies start, grow and succeed.

The Region is home to a thriving aerospace cluster with over 85 aerospace businesses that together employ more than 3,200 residents. Companies include:

Access to world class talent

Waterloo Region is home to some of the finest academic institutions in the world. Many rank among the top 100 global institutions. Eight universities and colleges are within commuting distance, and together they offer 22 aerospace-related programs.  Academic institutions located in and around Waterloo Region include:


YKF is also home to the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre (WWFC), one of Canada’s largest professional flight schools. WWFC offer accredited academic programs and early entry programs with airlines to develop and hire new pilots.

Marketing and business development support
The YKF team works closely with our airline partners to maximize marketing opportunities. Our collaborative approach includes:
  • Leveraging relationships with community leaders to integrate new air service into our market
  • Providing airline sales teams with access to Waterloo Regions largest employers
  • Working with government, tourism and industry partners to expand reach
  • Developing partnerships on both ends of a route to build passenger flow 

Infrastructure Details

YKF is owned and operated by the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. Their AAA credit rating allows the airport to secure long term capital financing for strategic infrastructure investments.  Current features of YKF include:

  • Two Runways - 7,000 feet and 4,100 feet
  • CAT1 Instrument Landing System (ILS)
  • NAV Canada Control Tower 07:00 - 23:00
  • Class C Airspace
  • Airport of Entry (AOE) / 180 with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) onsite 07:00 -23:00 (No Fees)
  • CAT 7 Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) available
  • Secure access to Code C (B-737) and D (B-757) Taxiways
  • Two full service Fixed Based Operators (FBOs)
  • Three fuel providers
Support Services

Chartright Air Group - FBO, fuel, ground handling
Telephone: 1-800-595-9395


Executive Aviation - Ground handling
Telephone: 519-453-5370


Flite Line Services - FBO, fuel, ground handling   
Telephone: 1-877-663-6612 / 519-514-0530


Summit Fuel Services - World Fuel Services Network - Fuel
Telephone: 519-497-8091