Connecting Waterloo Region to the world since 1929!

Collaboration built this airport ... twice. 
  • Norman Schneider of Schneider Meats led the charge both times
  • P.K. Weber's horses cleared the land at Lexington Field
  • Robert Dietrich of Weston Bakery helped select the current Breslau site
  • Louis Breithaupt local Member of Parliament secured funding
  • Ira Needles of B. F. Goodrich welcomed the first customs flight
From two grass air strips the Region of Waterloo International Airport has grown into one of top 20 busiest airports in Canada. Today, the airport is home to a thriving aviation community that contributes $90 million to the local economy each year. We are proud of our past and excited about our future.

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Aviation Fun Day Graphic
2019 - 5th Annual Aviation Fun Day event at the Region of Waterloo International Airport attracts a record breaking crowd of 8,100 people. Since 2015, organizers of the event have collected 13,751 pounds of food and raised $21,382 for the Foodbank of Waterloo Region and Cambridge Self-Help Foodbank. 


Canadian Business Aviation Association Expo at YKF

2018 - Chartright Air Group and the Region of Waterloo International Airport host business aviation’s biggest event, the Canadian Business Aviation Association convention and exhibit, CBAA 2018.
(Photo credit - Asaf Hussain - Seven Skies Studio)


WWFC UW & Sunwing Direct Entry Program

2017 - Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre and the University of Waterloo celebrate four  graduates gaining direct-entry positions as first officers with Sunwing Airlines. 
Left to right: Bob Connors (Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre), Captain John Hudson, First Officers Cameron Fuchs, Spencer Leckie, Siobhan O’Hanlon, and Chelsea Anne Edwards, Captain Sam Gagliardi (all Sunwing Airlines) and Dr. Ian McKenzie (University of Waterloo)


 2017 New NAV Tower Opens

2017 - State-of-the-art NAV Canada Air Traffic Control Tower opens.
Regional Council approve a $375 million 20 Year Airport Master Plan.


2017 WestJet 10th Anniversary at YKF

2017 - WestJet celebrate 10 years of service between Waterloo Region and Calgary.
Left to right: WestJetters, Deb Lindsay, Sarah Waterfield, Jessica Gregory, Alex Ward and Sara Robinson


2011 American Airlines launches Chicago service

2012 - American Airlines launch twice daily service to Chicago, Illinois. The service was suspended in October 2016.


2011 Airport Operations Centre Opens 

2011 - New Airport Operations Centre opens combining operations, fleet maintenance and fire services under one roof. The $10.8 million received money from the federal and provincial infrastructure stimulus fund with the balance financed by the Regional Municipality of Waterloo.


2011 - Aviation Business Park serviced 

2011 - Aviation Business Park 52 acre parcel of land serviced for development. 


Image Airport Fire Truck & Airfield Specialist 

2010 - Airport cross trains operations team for Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) and purchases Oshkosh Striker fire truck.


2010 Sunwing Launch

2008 - Sunwing Vacations launch weekly seasonal service to Montego Bay, Jamaica. 
Runway approach lighting installed on the primary runway to improve visibility and reliability. 


2007 - Bearskin Airlines launches service to Ottawa, Ontario then adds service to Montreal, Quebec. The airlines suspends all service to Ottawa airport in 2014 impacting Waterloo Region and four other communities.


2007 - WestJet launches non-stop daily service to Calgary, Alberta

2007 - WestJet Airlines launches non-stop daily service to Calgary, Alberta


2006 - Canada Border Services Agency relocated to the air terminal building. 

2005 - 2009 Sunquest and Signature Vacations launch weekly seasonal service.


2004 Northwest Airlines Detroit service

2004 - Northwest Airlines launches three flight daily to Detroit, Michigan. This triggers the addition of Canadian Air Transport Security Authority Services passenger screening service. 


2003 Primary runway expanded to 7000 feet

2003 - The primary runway is extended by 1,800 feet to a total of 7,000 feet to support passenger air service.


2003 New Air Terminal Building Opens

2003 - New Region of Waterloo International Airport terminal building opens. 


2000 - 20 Year Airport Master Plan approved by Regional Council. 


1996 - The Regional Municipality of Waterloo assumes full ownership of the airport.  


1991 - The Federal government funds the installation of an Instrument Landing System (ILS), Peripheral Airlink Transmitter, and relocated the VHF omni directional radio range transmitter (VOR) to the Airport. Federal Height Zoning Regulations are enacted. 


1986 - The name of the Commission became the Waterloo-Guelph Airport Commission and the airport became the Waterloo-Guelph Regional Airport. 


1984 Aerial image runway extension

1984 - The primary runway is extended by 1,500 feet to 5,200 feet to accommodate long range jet aircraft with the financial support of Provincial Government.  


1974 - The Cities of Kitchener, Galt, Waterloo, and the former Town of Preston agreed to transfer ownership  of the airport to the City of Guelph and the newly formed Regional Municipality of Waterloo.  


1973 First Air Terminal Building Constructed 

1973 - First air terminal building constructed and apron expanded to accommodate larger aircraft.


1970 Aerial image YKF

1970 - Aerial image of Waterloo Wellington Airport at this time 14/32 was the primary runway at 4,200 feet. 


 1969 - Record article about new air traffic control tower

1969 - Air Traffic Control tower was built and operated by the Federal Government.

1968 - Jet fuel made available on site with the installation of an underground fuel farm.


1966 Aerial image Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre 

1966 - The Waterloo Wellington Weather office was opened by Environment Canada.
1964 - The Federal Government constructs a non-directional beacon north of the airport.
These improvements allowed the airport to become a fully serviced all weather facility.


1966 First Fire Truck
1966 - The airports first fire truck is purchased a CJ-5 Jeep Fire Engine.
Today, the Jeep is in perfect working condition and used at airport events. 


1961 - First hangar built

1961 - First hangar completed by the Waterloo Wellington Flight Club



1959 - The airport is certified for night time operations when edge lighting was installed by the Federal government.


1952 First customs flight by Goodrich 

1952 - B.R. Goodrich airplane from Akron, Ohio was the first to be cleared by customs at the Waterloo-Wellington Airport. 
Left to right: airport manager Garth Massey, immigration officer Buchanan, Kitchener chief clerk of customs and excise H. A. Rogers, Goodrich employee Frank Sherry, Goodrich president Ira Needles, Kitchener Mayor Weber, Goodrich vice-president J.M Robbins, airport commission chairman Norman Schneider, airport commissioner Robert Dietrich, Bill Maxwell and alderman Abe Wells of Guelph. 


1951 First Scheduled Air Service Launch 

1951 -  Launch of first scheduled passenger service from Waterloo-Wellington Airport to Malton (today Toronto Pearson Airport). Garf's Flying Service early morning flight allowed passengers to connect into Trans Canada Airlines (today Air Canada) to reach national and international destinations.

Left to right: Waterloo Mayor Bauman, Clare Millar, Airport Commission chairman Norman Schneider, pilot Garf Schmidt, co-pilot Ray Reid, Robert Dietrich and Tom Daley.


1950 - The Waterloo Wellington Airport was officially opened with 2 paved runways - one 3,700 ft and one 4,100 ft, 1 apron and 1 hangar


1950 Aerial image YKF Construction

1950 - Aerial image of current airport during construction. 600 acres of farm land was cleared to make way for two runways and an apron.


1949 Trade Minister C D Howe

1949 - Trade Minister C.D. Howe initiated work on the new Waterloo Wellingtion airfield. Howe was joined by local airport founding members including Norman Schneider


1949 - The municipalities acquire approximately 640 acres from 8 farmers at a cost of $71,170. 


1948 - The Waterloo-Wellington Airport Commission is formally established to oversee a new site selection and construction of a new airport. Appointed members from the Cities of Kitchener, Guelph, Galt, Waterloo, and the Town of Preston were represented on the Commission.


1946 Telegraph Approval of Kossuth Site

1946 Telegram - As chairman of the airport commission Norman Schneider, received the telegram above from local Member of Parliament, Louis Breithaupt, pledging support for the new airport. This unique arrangement was the first of its kind in Canada and the Federal Government committed $452,000.00 to the project. Another $124,000.00 of the cost was divided among and paid for by the municipalities of Kitchener, Guelph, Galt, Waterloo and Preston.


1948  Aerial Image  New Airport Site

1946 - Aerial image current location of YKF site (pre-construction). Site selected by Norman Schneider (Schneider Meats) and Robert Dietrich (Weston Bakery). The cities of Kitchener, Guelph, Galt, Waterloo and Preston worked together to create the Waterloo-Wellington Airport commission.  


1947 Air Mail Record Newspaper Delivery

1946 - Record newspaper delivery by Garf Schmidt


1940's Lexington Field Post Card

1940 - Kitchener-Waterloo Municipal Airport postcard. Instead of lawn mowers sheep were used to keep the grass short.


1934 Mary Weber pilot license 

1934 - Twenty year old Mary M. Weber earned her private pilot's license through the Kitchener-Waterloo Flying Club at Lexington Airfield.


 1934 British Hawker Fury YKF Visit

1934 - The Kitchener-Waterloo Airport was one of only four locations in Canada visited of the British Hawker Fury fighters. Led by Wing Commander Pirie, a crowd of ten thousand enjoyed the air show.
Admission price: ten cents


 Sept 20, 1930 Ford Company Aircraft at Lexington Field

1930 - Ford Motor Company executives arrive at the Kitchener-Waterloo Airport in a Ford trimotor aircraft.


 1035 - YKF Aerial Image

1929 - The Kitchener-Waterloo Airport opens at Lexington Field thanks to local businessmen Norman Schneider and Robert Dietrich.


1929 Clearing land at Lexington field

1929 - Construction begins. News clipping shows mules and horses from P.K. Weber's livery stables clearing the land. The sports field at Lexington Park, 291 Lexington Road in Waterloo, was the first site of the Kitchener-Waterloo Municipal Airport, also known as Lexington Airport. The 83 acre airfield consisted of sandy loam with a quick drying gravel base and included two grass runways - 1,800 and 2,000 feet. The airfield extended along the southeast side of Lexington Road to University Avenue. Norman Schneider was instrumental in establishing the airport.