NAV Canada

NAV Canada's mandate is to provide safe, effective and efficient air navigation services to aircraft operating in Canadian domestic airspace and in international airspace assigned to Canadian control. 

NAV Canada handles air traffic control, flight information, weather briefings, aeronautical information, airport advisory services and electronic aids to navigation.

New NAV Canada Control Tower now open!


Artist Concept New NAV CANADA Control Tower


NAV Canada is pleased to announce the opening of a new air traffic control tower at the Region of Waterloo International Airport. This new structure replaces the original tower built in 1969. 

Airport expansion has shifted the geographic centre of the airfield and the new tower's location is more central, providing controllers with improved 360-degree sight lines over the entire airport property. At 19.4 metres high (64 ft.), the new tower is five metres (16 ft.) taller than the previous structure with an expanded workspace for the controllers'. 

Weather and NOTAM Information

NAV Canada also offers web-based aviation weather and NOTAM information and is developing additional applications to facilitate flight planning.

Visibility Camera

A weather camera has been installed by NAV Canada at the Region of Waterloo International Airport.